New APL+Win Features Database extended (03nov18)

The New APL+Win Features Database which you can access from the Support horizontal menu has been extended to now include all new features and changes brought to APL+Win since its very first release (1.0) when the product name was still APL*PLUS III. This database allows you to:

  • find when a new feature has been added to APL+Win
  • see when a particular APL+Win feature has been changed or improved
  • search for any keyword and find the corresponding records in the database
  • see all features added or changed in a particular release
  • search by categories like: New Primitive or Enhanced System Function
  • see and search for bug fixes
  • etc.
Note: because of the size of the database, the New APL+Win Features Database page takes a few seconds to load.

See the New APL+Win Features Database!

SSGear v3.65 is now available! (27jul18)

This new version fixes a potential problem sometimes freezing the APL keyboard after the ShowDesigner or ShowExplorer methods have been used.

RibbonDX v2.21 is now available! (07jul18)

This new version fixes a problem in the button_ItemClick event handler when the Ribbon is minimized and a button is clicked.

zREngine v2.17 is available! (06jul18)

This new version fixes a problem that prevented the v2.16 LC.Rengine object from being properly instantiated.

zREngine v2.16 is now available! (05jul18)

This new version is a minor release that fixes a few issues related to the zREngine Session child window of the zREngineSession object: the results of executed R expressions were not always displayed or displayed correctly in this child window.

New version of SSGear! (21may18)

The SSGear product has been updated to now use the very latest version and hotfixes of the SpreadsheetGear DLL libraries (v8.1.26.102). The new version can be downloaded from the download page (

New versions of MapsDX, PdfViewer, RibbonDX and PivotChart! (20may18)

The MapsDX, PdfViewer, RibbonDX and PivotChart products have all been updated to now use the very latest version of the DevExpress libraries (v18.1.3). The new versions can be downloaded from the download page (

New zREngine v2.15 Released! (03may18)

zREngine v2.17 is a minor release including improvements for better handling of the APL minus character and APL non ASCII characters.


R v3.5.0 has just been released but the R.Net C# library used by zREngine to interface R and APL has not yet been updated for R v3.5.0: so, for now, please be sure to install and use R v3.3 32-bits or R v3.4 32-bits.
Learn more...

zObjects v3.21 is now available! (09apr18)

This new version of zObjects includes quite a number of enhancements to various objects and some bug fixes. It also includes the new rewritten zREngine APL object (note that you must separately download and install the zREngine product to be able to use the zREngine APL object). Learn more...

New zREngine v2 Released! (06apr18)

zREngine v2.17 is a brand new version of zREngine with a brand new entirely rewritten DLL now called LC.REngine.dll.
This version allows you to fully use R from APL+Win applications: its characteristics are:

• use all of the R language from APL+Win
• programmatically load and use R packages
• display any kind of R charts in APL forms (including ggplot2 charts)
• execute any R expression or set of R expressions from APL and get the results in APL

Additionally, this new version includes only one DLL, is much faster to load, does no longer use the APL CSE system, does no longer create graphics files on disk when displaying R charts in an APL form, creates better vector (Metafile) graphics, can be used to display as many simultaneous APL form with R charts as desired, including in APL MDI applications. Learn more...

New APL+Win v18.0.01 Release (14feb18)

This version includes a new version of the APL+Win Grid which auto-adapts to high DPI and screen resolutions higher than 1080p (i.e. 1920x1080 pixels). It also includes 3 new Grid properties to help better scale images in the Grid and an enhanced version of the ⎕userid System Function. And of course a few bug fixes....

The New APL+Win Features Database has been updated for v18 and also you can now search the database against a specific APL+Win version number! Learn more...

SSGear v3.62 released! (03feb18)

Fixed a problem where the SSGear grid would not enter Edit Mode when pressing F2 or typing in a cell, after the DoubleClickEntersEditMode property was set to 0. Learn more...

PdfViewer v1.13 released! (25jan18)

The PdfViewer product has been updated to now use the latest DevExpress v17.2.4 libraries.

SSGear v3.61 released! (18jan18)

This new version includes 2 new methods: RemoveControl and RemoveControls allowing to remove one or more controls like Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox or Spinner controls from any given worksheet in an SSGear workbook. Learn more...

PivotChart v2.46 released! (08jan18)

This new version includes 2 new events (SummaryTypechanged and Changed that fires in APL whenever something changes in the PivotChart user interface), as well as 6 new methods to help move fields between the PivotGrid areas, as well as programmatically select data in the PivotGrid. Learn more...

SSGear v3.59 is available! (06jan18)

This new version includes a new AddEx method that is similar to Add but does not interpret \n's as new line characters. Learn more...

SSGear v3.58 is available! (04jan18)

This new version includes several new properties and methods among which a Replace method allowing to replace text in all cells of the specified range. Learn more...

Compute Simple Statistics with APL+Win Code Behind on this Site (29oct17)

Enter a series of numbers separated by blanks or paste them (for example, from an APL Session) and let APL+Win compute their Descriptive Statistics or Regressions: see a Chart displaying the Observations or the Fitted Curves. Change some values and press Enter to refresh the Statistics and the Chart. See the APL function which is executed on the Server to compute the Statistics. Visit and use the Simple Statistics Web Page on your Phone, Tablet or PC, as it is Web responsive. Go compute statistics!

New version 3.20 of the zObjects framework (03oct17)

This version includes a new zEmail and a zGmail object allowing you to programmatically send Emails from any machine. The previous object based on ⎕ni has been renamed zEmailNI and a bug has been fixed. Learn more...

New APL+Win v17.1.01 Release (03oct17)

This version includes experimental speedups using the SSE2 Processor Architecture. These can result in making + - × ÷ operations up to twice as fast especially on large arrays. Version 17.1.01 also includes a couple of important bug fixes. Learn more...

New version 3.51 of the SSGear product (26sep17)

This new version includes several new methods (GetTrimmedUsedRange, CopySheets), a new Hwnd property and several enhancements to the SSGear.w3 workspace including a new demo24_copysheets APL function showing how to copy multiple sheets at once to an external Excel workbook. Learn more...

New version 2.97 of the zObjects framework (26sep17)

This new version includes several new objects like zEmail to allow you to programmatically send Emails using sockets, zSQLite to allow using SQLite relational databases from APL, zNetwork to allow creating and using mapped network drives, communicating between computers, etc.. It also adds partial high DPI support to the zGrid object and a few enhancements to the zCombo, zForm and zObject objects.

New version of the RibbonDX and SSGear products (27aug17)

A new SSGear v3.46 version has been released with support for 1/1/1904 based dates support and several new properties and a new RibbonDX v2.19 version has been released.

New version of the zObjects framework (27aug17)

zObjects v2.96 (free) contains many new object properties and methods and the ability to programmatically send keystrokes from APL to any object. See the zObjects History Page.

Product updates to use recent DevExpress libraries! (23jul17)

The MapsDX, PdfViewer, RibbonDX and PivotChart products have been updated to now use DevExpress v 17.1(.3).

zREngine: New APL+Win to R interface! (29may17)

zREngine (free) is a subset of the zObjects product. It allows to use the R language from APL+Win to compute statistics or display R statistical plots in APL+Win forms. Learn more and see examples...

APL+Win New Features Database updated! (13may17)

The APL+Win New Features Database has been updated to now include all APL+Win v17 new features. Check it here...

APL+Win 17.0 has been released! (11may17)

APL+Win v17 includes new DPI awareness and high DPI screens support, better handling of fonts on high-resolution monitors, multi-line captions for Buttons, ⎕nfe enhancements, better placement for the Find and Replace dialogs, new GUI properties, better ⎕wcall and ⎕wi exception handling and a number of enhancements to the C# interface (⎕cse). APL+Win v17 also includes a few important bug fixes. Learn More...

LC.Charts v2.83 is now available! (04may17)

This new version uses the latest ZedGraph DLL, includes SharpPlot v2.63, takes in account the DPI settings to size the sample charts, includes a Dpi property and several new properties and methods. Learn More...

LC.Charts: easy charts for APL+Win developers! (30apr17)

LC.Charts is a C# DLL and a User Command file allowing APL developers to easily and instantaneously visualize APL data as charts from any workspace. LC.Charts is now distributed with APL+Win (since APL+Win v15.0). Learn More...

New version: RibbonDX (28apr17)

A new version 2.16 of RibbonDX is available. Download it...

New product: MapsDX (18mar17)

MapsDX is a C# ActiveX User Control that you can use to display maps within your APL+Win Forms. A comprehensive API allows you to customize the maps as you see wish. See sample maps and learn more ...

See what's coming in APL+Win v17 (15mar17)

See the enhancements and bug fixes which will be part of APL+Win v17. Learn more...

More APL Quiz Solutions (13mar17)

See the APL and J Quiz solutions to Quiz #5 and Quiz #6. They also include solutions in K proposed by Daniel Martin. Learn more...

zObjects Documentation (17feb17)

The zObjects (free) product has extensive detailed documentation (360 pages) which contains a lot of examples and tutorials to get anyone started with this APL development Framework. Learn more...

APL Quiz Solutions (13feb17)

See all the APL Solutions and one J Solution to my APL Quizzes that have been sent to me so far. Sort them by Date, Author, Shortest, Fastest, ... See also a C# solution as well as an Excel solution you can download (which also solves Quiz #5 and Quiz #6). Learn more...

More APL Quiz (13feb17)

Want to try 2 more APL Quizzes? Please send me your most concise solution to Quiz #5 and Quiz #6! If you are a C#, Python or Java developer, look at the APL quizzes and think how you would solve these little problems in your language and compare with the APL solutions. Learn more...

MACfns (07feb17)

Want to speed up your APL+Win applications? Get and use MACfns and its 257 Assembler functions. Learn more...

FAQs (05feb17)

There is a new FAQs page answering questions you may have... Learn more...

APL Quiz (31jan17)

Want to have fun? Exercise yourself at taking my APL Quiz! If you don't know APL yet, look at the solutions and discover the power of APL. Learn more...

LearnAPL (free) (16jan17)

Try one of the latest versions of APL+Win, develop APL+Win functions and workspaces: LearnAPL includes an APL Session, Tutorials, Video, Quiz, Idioms, Documentation, Help Files, etc. Learn more...

New APL+Win Features Database (14jan17)

Query the New APL+Win Features Database to learn more about APL+Win and start using new features you may have overlooked! Learn more...

DotNetVersion (11jan17)

DotNetVersion is a small C# WinForms application finding and displaying all the .Net Framework versions installed on your machine. Learn more...