See what's coming in APL+Win v17.0

Version 17.0 should be available in April 2017.

APL+Win Enhancements

New Support for DPI-awareness in APL+Win

Added support for DPI-awareness in the session manager window and the ⎕WI system objects excluding any ActiveX controls and objects.

New dpi property

Added the read-only system object property "dpi" that returns a vector with the following values:

[1] returns 1 if APL+Win is running in DPI aware mode; 0 if DPI un-aware mode.
[2] returns the system-wide DPI scaling percentage of the system (100 by default, 200 for 200% scaling, etc.).
[3] returns the dots per inch of the system-wide DPI scaling (96 at 100% scaling, 192 at 200% scaling, etc.).

Improved placement of Find and Replace Dialogs

Corrected placement of the Find and Replace dialogs when using multiple displays. This means the Find and Replace dialogs appears where they were last positioned instead of the primary display.

New translucent property available for some APLGUI Controls

The translucent property defines the behavior of the translucent feature in some APLGUI controls. The translucent property can have a value of 0 or 1. The default is always 0. A value of 1 causes the background of the object to be transparent such that the parent window behind it is visible through the background area of the control. For example, a Check control that's a child of a Picture control will display the image assigned to the Picture control as the background of the Check control.

New usereplstr property for the ⎕NFE system object

This property controls when the APL+Win carriage return (⎕TCNL) needs replacing with Windows carriage return in text transferred from APL+Win to a Windows file and vice versa. By default, the value of the usereplstr property is set to 1 to perform the character replacement.

⎕NFE support for hyphenated encoding names

The ⎕NFE's encoding property now supports hyphenated encoding names. This means UTF-8 will be treated the same as UTF8.

New LogCatch Configuration Parameter

Added [Config]LogCatch set to -1 to APLW.INI configuration file to improve ⎕WCALL and ⎕WI exception handling.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix: Fixed limit property for RichEdit and Edit controls

Addressed problem that prevented pasting or entering more than 32767 and 30000 characters (their default limits) in the RichEdit and Edit controls, respectively, when the controls were first opened and the limit properties hadn't been set to 0 or a value exceeding the default limits.

Bug Fix

Addressed the problem with the display of the CommandBar control in a Frame control when the Form control was created hidden or closed. In this case, the CommandBar appeared with a black background color when APL+Win is run with a manifest file.

Bug Fix

Addressed the problem when Checkbox and Option controls are nested inside a style=7 (transparent) Frame control that is also nested inside a CommandBar control. In these cases, the background color of the Checkbox and Option controls were not painted correctly (gray rectangle behind them) when APL+Win is run with a manifest file.

Bug Fix

Addressed problems when multiple style=0 Frame controls are nested inside each other. In this case the caption did not display in the same font for all the Frame controls after the top-level Frame control when APL+Win is run with a manifest file.

Bug Fix

Addressed problem when a CommandBar control is a child of a style=0 Frame. In this case, various painting problems, like the CommandBar control appearing with a black background color, occurred when APL+Win is run with a manifest file.

Bug Fix

Addressed problem when executing ⎕CN and ⎕CM with a space as the left argument and the letter 'q' in the right argument. In these cases, APL+Win could crash.

Bug Fix

Addressed problem in the function editor where a control structure block in a single line did not expand while collapsed when a search word was found in the collapsed statement.

Bug Fix

Addressed problem in dyadic thorn (⍕) with an empty left argument that sometimes reported a DOMAIN ERROR and sometimes reported a random result instead of correctly reporting a LENGTH ERROR.

     (0⍴0)⍕10 20
     (0⍴0)⍕10 20 

C# Script Engine (CSE)

Note: This version of the CSE requires APL+Win v17.0.

Enhancement: 32-bits + 64-bits installer

New CSE installer supporting both 64- and 32-bit Windows Operating Systems

Enhancement: New CSE instance property: texttransfer

This property controls the way that APL+Win sends text array information to the CSE.

Enhancement: Windows registry checks minimized

The installation path and version number will be obtained only once from the Windows registry the first time any CSE method or property is used.

Note:Any enhancements and features described herein is subject to change in the production release of APL+Win 17.0