LearnAPL v4.83

LearnAPL is a free fun demo application for learning how to use one of the latest versions of APL+Win and for discovering zObjects and other Lescasse Consulting products.

It simulates an APL+Win Session and allows to develop APL+Win applications, load and save workspaces, etc.


LearnAPL requires:

  • the .Net Framework v4.5+
You don't need to have any version of APL+Win installed on your machine.


Download the full LearnAPL product (free):

Download »


LearnAPL includes and allows the following:

  • display an APL+Win Session
  • enter and execute any APL+Win expression
  • execute APL commands
  • execute User Commands
  • develop APL+Win Functions
  • create APL+Win variables
  • load and save APL+Win workspaces
  • view and navigate various Tutorials
  • learning how to create charts in APL+Win
  • save and restore APL+Win Sessions
  • view a video
  • view an APL+Win Keyboard
  • list all APL Primitives
  • list all APL+Win Operators
  • list all APL+Win System Functions
  • list all APL+Win System Variables
  • list all APL+Win Constants
  • list all APL+Win Commands
  • list all APL+Win Control Structures
  • list all APL+Win Windows Classes
  • list all APL+Win Symbols Surrogates
  • display, search and execute the FinnAPL Idioms Library
  • take an APL Quiz of various difficulties
  • view the APL+Win Help Files
  • etc.