zObjects v9.56 Versions History

Each zObjects object has its own version number. The  New indicator shows all properties, methods and events which are new since the previous release!


zObject v2.35
Changed the BuildVersion method to also search for changes in zzInit New

zzInit v1.41
Now ordered erased functions in zzReset New


zObject v2.34
Added a new RunPy method allowing to run Python scripts and get their result New


znetCheckedListBox v1.03
Added an items property New

znetCheckedListBox v1.02
Made znetCheckedListBox sensible to DPI New

zObject v2.23
Added a new netevents property New

zObject v2.22
Added a new netproperties property New

zObject v2.21
Added a new netmethods property New


zForm v1.11
Changed the :catchall clause in the constructor New

zObject v2.20
Improved the version property New

zObject v2.19
Added a new BuildVersion method New


zzInit v1.40
Improved zzPath to return the current workspace path if zObjects has not been installed using the Installer New


zObject v2.18
Adapted the Register method due to introduction of regions in zzInit New


zObject v2.17
Improved the RemoveAllStops method New


zzInit v1.39
Improved zzLogError and zzReset New


zzInit v1.38
Added regions to zzInit New

zzInit v1.37
Improved setting the proper UCMDS.SF file New


zObject v2.16
Added GetRegValue as an alias method to QueryRegValue New

zzInit v1.36
Improved the zzReset method New


zObject v2.15
Added a Concise method New

zObject v2.14
Improved the RegisterActiveX method New


zObject v2.13
Fixed a problem in the GetParents method New


zObject v2.12
Rewrote the ExtractCode method New

zObject v2.11
Fixed a problem in the EnumFonts method New

zObject v2.10
Fixed a potential problem in the CreateFolder method New


zImagelist v1.06
Added a maskcolor property in the LoadFromVar method New


zObject v2.09
Fixed a problem in the size property when using high DPI New

zObject v2.08
Fixed and improved the pinktip property and the PositionPinkTip method New

zObject v2.07
Added adpi property, alias to dpifactor New

zObject v2.06
Fixed problems in allsyntax, hevents New


zIniFile v1.12
Now sorts params with trailing digits correctly in GetParamNames as well as in SetSection New


zStatus v1.09
Added a timerdigits property New


zForm v1.10
Fixed a problem in the ∆aplsession onClick event handler New


zPicture v1.08
Added a DrawBitmap method New


zPicture v1.07
Added a DrawTransparentBitmap method New


zDialogBox v1.10
Added a Ctrl+Enter shortcut to allow closing the dialog as if the OK button were clicked New

zEditNumSpinner v1.04
Added a pageincrement property New

zEditNumSpinner v1.03
Now displays small tirangle bitmaps on the up and dn buttons New

zEditNumSpinner v1.02
Now avoid sound in onKeyDown event if key is rejected New


zCommandButton v1.02
Added a value property New

zDialogBox v1.09
Replaced the Show method with one informing that the Wait method must be used New

zDialogBox v1.08
Added a stylebuttons property New

zDialogBox v1.07
BREAKING CHANGE: onShow event replaced by onWait New

zDialogBox v1.06
Added a deleteonclose property New

zEdit v1.02
Prevented onChange event to occur when setting the value property New

zEditNum v1.01
Avoid onChange event in value property New

zEditNumSpinner v1.01
Entirely rewritten New

zObject v2.05
Fixed a problem in the wherelc property New


zButton v1.01
Added a value property New

zDialogBox v1.05
Added an allowresize property New

zDialogBox v1.04
Added a buttons property New

zDialogBox v1.03
Added a buttonprefix property New


zGrid v1.10
Added an onXValueChange event handler to allow handle filters New

zGrid v1.09
Added on filterrows property New

zObject v2.04
Added an appname property New


zGrid v1.08
Added an onXColClick event handler to allow sorting columns New

zIniFile v1.11
Fixed a bug in SetSection New

zObject v2.03
Added a PlaySound method New


zObject v2.02
Added a RemoveAllStops method New


zObject v2.01
Added a vertical offset for the zList caption New

zObject v2.00
Fixed a problem with & accelerator keys in Label objects in the caption property New

zObject v1.99
Improved the wherelc property for objects inheriting from Form and MDIForm New

zzInit v1.35
Improved the zzLogError function New


zObject v1.98
Adjusted the automatic Label vertical position by 1 pixel New

zObject v1.97
Improved the handling of gaps and margins in the wherelc property New

zzInit v1.34
Extended the zzErrorIcon to now use 16x16, 24x24 or 32x32 iconds depending on the DPI New


zRichEdit v1.36
Added a settext property New


zObject v1.96
Fixed a potential problem in the ResetPointers method New


zRichEdit v1.35
Rewrote the ReplaceAll method New

zRichEdit v1.34
Rewrote the Replace method New

zRichEdit v1.33
Added 2 arguments the Replace method to allow doing syntactic and/or case sensitive replacecements New

zRichEdit v1.32
Improved the handling of fonts in the Colorize method New

zRichEdit v1.31
Now allowed arguments to the Colorize method to be specified as ¯1 to use the default values for those arguments New

zRichEdit v1.30
Added an optional new argument to the Colorize method to allow specifying the color to use New

zRichEdit v1.29
Fixed a couple of potential problems in the Colorize method New

zRichEdit v1.28
Sped up the Colorize method New

zRichEdit v1.27
Improved the value property and made text an alias for value New


zRichEdit v1.26
Added a new ShowScrollBar method New

zRichEdit v1.25
Added a new SetTabs method New


zCommandButton v1.01
Added an enabled property handling cases where we're running on a Virtual machine New

zObject v1.95
Added an isvmware property returning 1 if running on a Virtual Machine New

zRichEdit v1.24
Fixed the fontcolorstyle property get New

zRichEdit v1.23
Fixed a potential problem in the ReplaceAll method New


zRichEdit v1.22
Added a ResetStyle method New

zRichEdit v1.21
Added a ResetColor method New


zRichEdit v1.20
Added a fontcolorstyle property New

zRichEdit v1.19
Added a fontstyle property New

zRichEdit v1.18
Added a fontcolor property New

zRichEdit v1.17
Added a font property New

zRichEdit v1.16
Rewrote the selfont property New

zRichEdit v1.15
Added a selstyle property New

zRichEdit v1.14
Added a selcolor property New


zRichEdit v1.13
Fixed a bug in the modified property New

zRichEdit v1.11
Now prevented the ResetFont from firing onSelChange event New


zMRUs v1.03
Fixed a problem in LoadMRUs where loaded MRus were not in the same order as when last saved New

zMRUs v1.02
Fixed a problem in InsertMRUs New

zMRUs v1.01
Fixed a potential problem in InsertMRUs and LoadMRUs New


zObjectsHistory v1.02
+ Utils.New(true) aded to the Description New

zObjectsHistory v1.01
Added ⎕pw←255 New


zRichEdit v1.10
Now prevents ResetFont from firing the onChange event New


zSplitter v1.02
Fixed a potential problem in the Split method New


zObject v1.94
Added a quaddm property New

zObject v1.93
Added a ResetPointers method New


zObject v1.92
Made ClipGetAPL an alias for ClipPasteAPL New

zObject v1.91
Made ClipSetAPL an alias for ClipCopyAPL New

zObject v1.90
Added a ClipEmpty method New

zObject v1.89
Updated the ClipPaste method and made ClipGet and alias of it New

zObject v1.88
Updated the ClipCopy method and made ClipSet and alias of it New

zRichEdit v1.09
Improved the onKeyDown event handler New


zImagelist v1.05
Added a MakeFile method New

zImagelist v1.04
Added a MakeVar method New

zImagelist v1.03
Added a SaveFile method New

zImagelist v1.02
Added a CreateFile method New

zImagelist v1.01
Added a AddImage method New

znetPictureBox v1.02
Completed the GetColors method New


zObject v1.86
Added a new wherelc parameter to have multiple control equally share the width of their container New

zObject v1.85
Added a new GetCommandLine method New

zObject v1.84
Fixed a potential problem in GetCommandParams New


zObject v1.83
Fixed a potential problem in minimumsize New

zRichEdit v1.08
New ReplaceAll method New

zRichEdit v1.07
New Replace method New

zRichEdit v1.06
New Find method New

zRichEdit v1.05
New Colorize method New


zNotepadPP v1.02
Added an DisableTimer method New

zNotepadPP v1.01
Added an EnableTimer method New

zObject v1.82
Added a KillApp method New


zForm v1.09
Adapted MoveZInfo due to extensions to the zInfo object New

zInfo v1.04
Added a delay argument to the Show method New

zzInit v1.32
Added a zzInfo permanent utility New


zIniFile v1.10
Fixed a bug in GetSection New

zList v1.01
Added a list property New


zStatus v1.08
Added an UpdateTimer method New

zStatus v1.07
Added a StartTimer method New

zStatus v1.06
Added a ResetTimer method New

zStatus v1.05
Added an EnableTimer method New

zStatus v1.04
Added a DisableTimer method New

zStatus v1.03
Added a timer status field New


zObject v1.81
Fixed a problem in MouseClickPos method New


zObject v1.80
Added a GetSystemMetrics method New


zREngine v2.16
Fixed some problems in zREngineSession (in the zREngine Session child form) New


zMessageBox v1.01
Adapted the computed dialog height and width to take in account high dpi screens New


zREngine v2.15
Signaled an error if zzStrFmt argument includes any non ASCII character New

zREngine v2.14
Replaced ¯ characters by - in zzStrFmt New


zObject v1.79
Added a SetRegValue method New

zObject v1.78
Added a RunWhenWindowsStart method New


zObject v1.77
Fixed the minimumsize property which was not working correctly for high dpi screens

zSplitter v1.01
Fixed a potential problem in the onResize event handler


zREngineSession v1.01
Allowed support for APL+Win v16


zObject v1.76
Added an aplversion property returning the APL+Win version as a numeric value

zREngine v2.13
Allowed zREngine to work with APL+Win v16


zREngine v2.12
Fixed a problem occurring (in the DLL) when minimizing an EvalPlot or EvalGGPlot APL form


zREngine v2.11
Added a GetFields method to return the field names contained in a complex R object variable

zREngine v2.10
Added a Timer to the RConsoleAPL form to automatically close the APL parent form when the RConsole is closed


zREngine v2.09
Made the CreateMatrix method fill the matrix by rows, by default

zREngine v2.08
Added a couple of examples to zzrengine to show creating an R vector with just one string


zREngine v2.07
Fixed a problem where children form R charts would not always be redrawn in an APL MDI application

zREngine v2.06
Fixed a problem in zzStrFmt preventing to assign character R variables

zREngine v2.05
Extended zzRvec to accept a simple character vector argument

zREngine v2.04
Changed the error handler in method Eval


zREngine v2.03
Added a CloseDataSetsWindow method

zREngine v2.02
Extended zzStrFmt utility to accept numeric arguments

zREngine v2.01
Added a CreateMatrix method


zObject v1.75
Rewrote the CheckzREngine method


zzInit v1.31
Changed zzOnNew

zzInit v1.30
Fixed a problem in zzOK, zzYesNo and zzYesNoCancel when used from a custom object constructor


zREngine v2.00
Mostly rewritten and now supports ggplot and qplot


zGrid v1.07
Removed use of xAlign property within the rows, cols, headrows and headcols properties

zGrid v1.06
Adapted to work fine wich APL+Win Grid v18+


zObject v1.74
Rewrote the QueryRegValue method

zObject v1.73
(reserved for zREngine)

zzInit v1.29
Function zzOnNew rewritten


zLCChartExamples v1.02
Changed the PopulateGrid method to allow better high DPI support


zExcel v1.20
Added a debugging aid in the range property

zInfo v1.03
Made zInfo work fine in high dpi New


zEmail v1.00
Initial version: programmatically send Emails using .Net Framework (see also: zzemail)

zzInit v1.28
Added the following new objects: zEmail zGmail zHDF5 zNetwork zSQLite

zzInit v1.27
Renamed: zEmail to zEmailNI


zEmailNI v1.01
Renamed the message property to body


zGmail v1.00
Initial version: programmatically send Emails using .Net Framework and Gmail (see also: zzgmail)


zSQLite v1.00
Initial version


zEmail v1.00
Initial version


zNetwork v1.00
Initial version


zCombo v1.04
Resets the parent form esc property to what it was before, after changing it in MouseDown or Unfocus events

zForm v1.08
Saved the esc property value in a User Defined vriable in the onShow event


zGrid v1.05
Added a headcols property

zObject v1.72
New dpifactor property


zObject v1.71
New noaddlink property

zObject v1.70
Reactivated the wherelc right align to control (right tack) option

zzInit v1.26
Improved the zzAddLink APL function


zGrid v1.04
Added a headrows property


znetRibbonDX v1.02
Added a PerformClick method


zRibbonDXForm v1.19
Added a shortcut keys to the SendKeys page buttons

zRibbonDXForm v1.18
Added a SendKeys Page to the ribbon

zRibbonDXForm v1.17
Added an SSGear object (if SSGear installed on the machine) to the 1st tab


zObject v1.69
Added a SendKeysCS method

zObject v1.68
Improved the SendKeys documentation


zGrid v1.03
Added some default high dpi support

zGrid v1.02
Added a rows property

zGrid v1.01
Added a cols/columns property

zRibbonDXForm v1.16
Added an APL+Win Grid to the 2nd tab


zObject v1.67
Added a new dpiaware read-only property returning 1 if APL is running in dpiAware=true mode


zCombo v1.03
Protected use of the esc property in case the parent is not a zForm or zMDIForm object


zCombo v1.02
Added a ToggleDropDown method

zCombo v1.01
Added a isdroppeddown read-only property

zObject v1.66
Now force the default zLabel height to be 14 pixels

zREngine v1.53
Added error handling to the Eval method

zzInit v1.25
Improved the zzOnNew APL function


zzInit v1.24
Improved zzReset to also erase zzCustomClasses if it has not be changed by the user


zREngine v1.52
Fixed a problem occuring in MDI forms when minimizing a child containing an R-Plot

zREngine v1.51
Now allows EvalPlot to specify the form caption

zREngine v1.50
Added an EvalPlot1, EvalPlot2, EvalPlot3, EvalPlot4 and EvalPlot5 methods

zzInit v1.23
Changed zzReset to also close all CSE objects


zObject v1.65
Fixed a problem in the CheckzREngine method when R is not installed

zObject v1.64
Added a CleanUpzREngineDemo method

zObject v1.63
Added a Susp method indicating if a given function is currently suspended

zREngine v1.49
Fixed a problem in the zObject CheckzREngine method when R is not installed

zREngine v1.48
Improved the zREngine constructor

zREngine v1.47
Improved the Close method now also closing the RDotNetRegistry CSE object

zREngine v1.46
Improved the zREngine constructor

zREngine v1.45
Improved the zObject CheckzREngine method

zzInit v1.22
Improved the zzOnNew APL function


zObject v1.62
Improved the CheckzREngine method


zObject v1.61
Added a QueryRegValueCSE method

zObject v1.60
Added a DirExist method

zObject v1.59
Added a CheckzREngine method

zREngine v1.44
Added checks for the right version of R and for the right version of RDotNet properly installed

zREngine v1.43
Fixed a potential problem in the Init method

zREngine v1.42
Added a check for the right APL+Win Version and CSE Version in the zREngine constructor

zREngine v1.41
Renamed the AutoStart function to zREngineAutoStart


zInfo v1.02
Changes '*scale'5 to '*scale'6

zObject v1.58
Added a CheckAPL method

zObject v1.57
Added a CheckCSE method

zObject v1.56
Added an ObjectVersion method returning the version number of a zObject given by its name

zObject v1.55
Added a TerminateProcess method to close the window of a process, given the window caption

zObject v1.54
Added a FindFrame method to return the handle of a window from its caption

zREngine v1.40
Improved zzrengine and notably to close the RConsole window

zREngine v1.39
Changed the RConsoleAPL method to use the zObject FindFrame method

zREngine v1.38
Made the CloseRConsole method close the RConsole window and/or the RConsoleAPL window


zObject v1.53
Added :try* :catchall in the SessionFocus method

zREngine v1.37
Extended the RConsole method with an optional argument allowing it to be displayed topmost

zREngine v1.36
Increasing the number of times an EvalPlot is run if it fails to 8: same thing with evalplotForm_onPai nt

zREngine v1.35
Moving all the APL Forms displaying R Plots to the top right of the screen in the zzrengine demo

zREngine v1.34
Removing information about the RConsoleAPL method in zzrengine

zREngine v1.33
Adding an Installing zREngine paragraph in the zzrengine demo

zREngine v1.32
Updating the zzrengine demo to take in account the RConsole and RConsoleAPL methods changes

zREngine v1.31
Added a new RConsole method which directly displays the R Console without making it a child of an APL Form

zREngine v1.30
Renamed the RConsole method: RConsoleAPL

zREngine v1.29
Improved the RConsole method and added a Timer to close the rconsole APL Form when user enters q() in the con sole


zREngine v1.28
Added a small delay in the evalplotForm_onPaint event handler when waiting for the Bitmap to be created

zREngine v1.27
Improved the RConsole method

zREngine v1.26
Commented the instructions printing ⎕DM errors in the APL session


zObject v1.52
Replaced use of W_Ini by W_Def

zREngine v1.25
Improved the Close method

zREngine v1.24
Improved the RConsole section in the zzrengine demo

zREngine v1.23
Added a CloseRConsole method

zzInit v1.21
Replaced use of W_Ini by W_Def


zExcel v1.19
Added a IsWorkbookOpen method

zExcel v1.18
Added a SaveAs method

zExcel v1.17
Added a Save method

zREngine v1.22
Fixed a problem sometimes occuring when running EvalPlot


zREngine v1.21
Cleanup and adding more comments


zREngine v1.20
Enhancing method ConvertEvalRes to convert the results of the str() and summary() R functions

zREngine v1.19
Enhancing method Eval to allow it to support the R summary() function

zREngine v1.18
Enhancing method Eval to allow it to support the R str() function


zzInit v1.20
Enhanced zzReset to now erase zz functions created by zREngine


zREngine v1.17
New EvalPlot method replaces the Plot method


zREngine v1.16
New ConvertEvalRes method

zREngine v1.15
New verbose property

zREngine v1.14
New Eval method


zREngine v1.13
New CreateNumericVector method

zREngine v1.12
New CreateDataFrame method

zREngine v1.11
New CreateUtilities method

zREngine v1.10
New ComputeVectorStats method


zObject v1.51
Adapted the caption property to support the zChooseColor object

zPowerpoint v1.39
Added an AddConnector method


zPowerpoint v1.38
Extended the Move method arguments to allow adjusting the shape position

zREngine v1.09
New installedpackages and datasets properties

zREngine v1.08
New Plot method


zREngine v1.07
New rpath and wd properties


zREngine v1.06
New ConvertCharMat method

zREngine v1.05
New Close method

zREngine v1.04
New GetDataSet method

zREngine v1.03
New datasets, library, ls and lsstr properties

zREngine v1.02
New RConsole method

zREngine v1.01
New Init method


zPowerpoint v1.37
Added a Move method allowing to move the current shape to any edge of the slide


zObject v1.50
Added a GetPNGImageSize method

zPowerpoint v1.36
Added an border property

zPowerpoint v1.35
Added an AddBannerTitle method


zPowerpoint v1.34
Added an nbslides property

zPowerpoint v1.33
Added a slidesize property

zPowerpoint v1.32
Rewrote the footer property


zInfo v1.01
Improved the Show method by adding ⎕wgive 0

zPowerpoint v1.28
Enhanced the handle property

zPowerpoint v1.27
Enhanced the slidetitle property

zPowerpoint v1.26
Fixed a problem in the where property

zPowerpoint v1.25
Added a screenupdating property


zPowerpoint v1.24
Enhanced the AddTextBox method

zPowerpoint v1.23
Enhanced the Constructor to allow the ontop property to work with various versions of Powerpoint

zPowerpoint v1.22
Added an alignment property

zPowerpoint v1.21
Added an AddShape method


zExcel v1.16
Added a Prefix method


zExcel v1.15
Added an screenupdating property

zExcel v1.14
Added an AddWatermark method


zRibbonDXForm v1.15
Added calls to ShowSplitButton to show how to use this method


zzInit v1.19
Added a result to zzInit and embedded code in :try * control structure


zzInit v1.18
Moved definition of zzOKCaption and zzOK earlier in the function


zObject v1.49
Added a TimeFmt method


zRibbonDXForm v1.14
Added an argument to the AddComboBox calls to indicate if the comboboxes should be dropdown only


zObject v1.48
Added a culture property to allow setting the Culture for all .net zObjects


zRibbonDXForm v1.13
Added a new SuperToolTips ribbon page group in the Helpers page to demonstrate HTML possibilities

zRibbonDXForm v1.12
Added an onXSelectedIndexChanged event handler concerning the 3 ComboBox controls

zRibbonDXForm v1.11
Added a 3 ComboBox controls using AddComboBox

zRibbonDXForm v1.10
Added an onXValueChanged event handler concerning the 3 TextEdit controls

zRibbonDXForm v1.09
Added an onXLeave event handler concerning the 3 TextEdit controls

zRibbonDXForm v1.08
Added 3 TextEdit controls using AddTextEdit


zIniFile v1.09
Added a RemoveSection method

zIniFile v1.08
Added a RemoveParam method

zObject v1.47
Added a GetLastError method returning the Win32 API last error code and message


zIniFile v1.07
Added an inifile property


zIniFile v1.06
Added a GetSectionNames method

zIniFile v1.05
Added a GetParamNames method


zIniFile v1.04
Added a SetSection method

zIniFile v1.03
Added a GetSection method

zIniFile v1.02
Added a SetParam method

zIniFile v1.01
Added a GetParam method

zIniFile v1.00
Added a new zIniFile object


zStatus v1.02
Added a GetStatus method


zExcel v1.13
Added an ontop property (alias topmost)

zExcel v1.12
Added a ColumnsRange method

zExcel v1.11
Added a Delete method


zObject v1.46
Improved properties hproperties, hmethods and hevents

zObject v1.45
Fixed a problem in properties, methods and events when passing an argument


zObject v1.44
Renamed calls to Children in this object to calls to Chldrn to avoid possible conflicts

zObject v1.43
Updated wherelc to support the ⊂ option for zULabel objects

zTree v1.03
Added a CollapseAll method

zTree v1.02
Added an ExpandAll method


zRibbonDXForm v1.07
The Home/Fonts dialog launcher button now fires an event returning the selected font if any


zObject v1.42
Added a new dllversion property

zRibbonDXForm v1.06
Added an AddPageGroup_2 alternative method call (as comments)

zRibbonDXForm v1.05
Added some AddButtonWithStyle alternativemethod calls to AddButton (as comments)


zForm v1.07
Fixed a bug in the onShow event handler related to onMove


zzInit v1.17
Added a zSSGearForm object

zzInit v1.16
Renames zRibbonForm object to zRibbonDXForm

zzInit v1.15
Added a zPdfViewerForm object


zzInit v1.14
Added a znetPdfViewer object


zObject v1.41
Allow PdfViewer to become a zObject


zNetControlTemplate v1.01
Added 'System'

znetYoutube v1.01
Added 'System'

zRibbonDXForm v1.04
Added a zSelector and developed the onXExpandCollapseChanged event handler

zRibbonDXForm v1.03
Added support for Dialog Launcher buttons (last *XAddPageGroup argument)

zRibbonDXForm v1.02
Added a Home Help About button


znetRegexTest v1.03
Added a regex property

znetRibbonDX v1.01
Added a CreateShortcut method

zRibbonDXForm v1.01
Added support for SuperToolTips (see lines 57-69)


zObject v1.40
Allow SSGear and RibbonDX to become zObjects


zPicture v1.06
Revised GetImages to handle landscape images


zzInit v1.13
Added a znetSSGear object


zPicture v1.05
Added a GetImages method

zPicture v1.04
Added an image property


zPicture v1.03
Added a DisplayBitmap method


zPicture v1.02
Developed the help property (also see sample function zzpicture)

zPicture v1.01
Added a bitmap property


zObject v1.39
Fixed a couple of problems in wherelc property


zObject v1.38
Added 2 optional arguments to the caption property

zObject v


zzInit v1.12
Added a zVLine object


zExcel v1.10
Adapted the Load method to accept a 2nd argument (the password)


zExcel v1.09
Added a GetDropdownTexts method

zExcel v1.08
Added a GetCellAddresses method

zExcel v1.07
Added a names property

zExcel v1.06
Added a RefersToEx method

zExcel v1.05
Added a RefersToAdd method

zExcel v1.04
Added a RefersTo method

zExcel v1.03
Added a Get method

zExcel v1.02
Added a Load method


zObject v1.37
Changed the FlagQuotes method to properly handle strings with single and double quotes


zObject v1.36
Added an GetCommandParams method

zObject v1.35
Added an IsAlreadyRunning method

zzInit v1.11
Now making zzReset erase itself

zzInit v1.10
Preventing zzReset from yielding an error when zForm is not in the workspace


zObject v1.34
Fixed a problem in FlagQuotes when the string included both single and double quotes

zObject v1.33
Added a new Sss method to allow performing syntactic searches

zObject v1.32
Generalized Decrypt to accept a nested vector of strings to decrypt

zObject v1.31
Generalized Encrypt to accept a nested vector of strings to encrypt


zObject v1.30
Improved the size property


zzInit v1.09
Preventing users from running zzInit from LearnAPL!


zLCChartExamples v1.01
Changed ]uload to ]zload

znetButton v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetCheckBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetCheckedListBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetComboBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetDomainUpDown v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetLabel v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetLinkLabel v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetListBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetMaskedTextBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetMenuItem v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetNumericUpDown v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetPanel v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetPictureBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetRichTextBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetSplitContainer v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetTabControl v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetTabPage v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetTextBox v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

znetWebBrowser v1.02
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

zObject v1.29
Added a dotnet property returning the .Net Framework versions installed

zObject v1.28
Added support for zObjects.sf not being at the top of the UCMD list

zPivotChart v1.01
Added System thus allowing to create a top level instance of the control

zzInit v1.08
Added a zzObjects function returning the full path name of the zObjects UCMD file

zzInit v1.07
Added a zzPath function returning the zObjects installation path

zzInit v1.06
Now moving the zObjects.sf file to the 2nd position in the UCMD list


zzInit v1.05
Stopped moving the zObjects.sf file to the top of the UCMD list (except for me)


zObject v1.27
Added 2 optional arguments to the AutoSize method and rewrote the method


zObject v1.26
Added User Defined properties to DemoShow, DemoWait, Show, Wait to remember the form being shown


zObject v1.25
Added an FnName method

zObject v1.24
Extended the Encrypt and Decrypt methods to accept an encryption alphabet

zObject v1.23
Fixed a problem in Encrypt and Decrypt preventing these methods from changing ⎕rl


zzInit v1.04
Add the zzDEBqc, zzDLB, zzDTB and zzDLTB functions


zObject v1.22
Added a FlagComments method

zObject v1.21
Added a FlagQuotes method


zObject v1.20
Fixed a problem in HtmlHelp


zForm v1.06
Added a test in the onClose handler

zForm v1.05
Improved the onClose handler

zObject v1.19
Improved AutoSize and wherelc


zDialogBox v1.02
Added a ∆∆dialogbox user defined variable in the Constructor (used in AutoSize)

zDialogBox v1.01
Forced the dialog to display on the screen in onShow event

zForm v1.04
Rewrote the Refresh method

zObject v1.18
Modified DemoShow/DemoWait to avoid duplicate onShow event


zForm v1.03
Added use of noredraw in onClose event handler

zObject v1.17
Added a GetFileTime method


zObject v1.16
Added a Norm method

zObject v1.15
Added a CreateFolder method

zzInit v1.03
Added definition for PathFileExists in .INI file if necessary


zRichEdit v1.04
New ScrollToBottom property

zRichEdit v1.03
New AppendText property

zRichEdit v1.02
Extended aplfont property with size argument


zHtml v1.04
New EditWebPage method

zHtml v1.03
New GetWebPage method

zHtml v1.02
New Validate method

zHtml v1.01
Now uses LC.zObjects.zHtml instead or Menu

znetWebBrowser v1.01
Set zScripErrorsSuppressed to 1 in constructor

zObject v1.14
Method FileExist simplified


zLabel v1.01
Sped up the constructor by using ∆∆margins and ∆∆gaps

zObject v1.13
Fixed an issue with AutoSize

zObject v1.12
New ResetLinks method

zObject v1.11
New EnumDoc method

zObject v1.10
Fixed an issue with mainprops & better position znetMaskedTextBox caption in caption

zPage v1.01
Set up ∆∆margins and ∆∆gaps in the constructor


zObject v1.09
Enhanced the allsyntax property


zObject v1.08
Fixing a problem in the wherelc get

zObject v1.07
Added a base property allowing to call properties or methods in a parent class


zEdit v1.01
Improved onExit to use regexvalidator if it exists

znetRegexTest v1.02
Added style to zEdit to allow typing APL chars in the Regex and increase font size

zObject v1.06
Improved DemoShow and DemoWait to accept '∘' arguments

zObject v1.05
Added a regexvalidator property

zUEdit v1.02
Improved onExit to use regexvalidator if it exists


zForm v1.02
Improved onResize event handler

znetRegexTest v1.01
Changed to use znetRichTextBox and changed the font to APL385 Unicode


zForm v1.01
Improved handling of Pinktips

zObject v1.04
Improved MeasureString, PositionPinktip and pinktip

zObject v1.03
Extracted onFocus code to PositionPinktip method

zzInit v1.02
Improved zzAV2ANSI and zzANSI2AV


zExcel v1.01
Added a format property


zObject v1.02
Added HtmlHelp method


zPowerpoint v1.20
Added a GetDPIResolution method returning the current machine DPI resolution

zPowerpoint v1.19
Added a PixelsPerCm method returning the number of pixels per cm on this machine


zPowerpoint v1.18
Added a AddPictureEx method to allow inserting, dimensioning and positioning a .PNG image in the active slide

zPowerpoint v1.17
Added a GetPNGImageSize method returning the height and width of a .PNG file (in pixels)

zPowerpoint v1.16
Added an UnselectShapes method added to allow unselecting one or more or all shapes in the active slide

zPowerpoint v1.15
Added a selectedshapes property that returns the selected shapes numbers


zPowerpoint v1.14
Added an ExportShapesToPNG method to allow exporting all selected shapes to a .PNG image


zPowerpoint v1.13
Added a SelectShapes method to allow selecting one or more or all shapes in the active slide


znetButton16 v1.01
New value,toggle properties, new onXClick event and better layout

znetButton32 v1.01
New value,toggle properties, new onXClick event and better layout


zObject v1.01
Fixed a little flaw in mainprops

zRichEdit v1.01
New value property

zTrackbar v1.01
New value property

zTree v1.01
Define value as an alias for the list property

zUEdit v1.01
New value property


zzInit v1.01
Changed zzReset to delete all custom object instances


zStatus v1.01
New value property


zPowerpoint v1.12
Added a Paste method to allow pasting text or image from clipboard into active slide


zPowerpoint v1.11
Extended the fontsize property to now accept vector of paragraph and word numbers


zPowerpoint v1.10
Added a RemoveBullets method to allow removing bullets from some slide lines


zPowerpoint v1.09
Extended the fontcolor property to now accept vector of paragraph and word numbers

zPowerpoint v1.08
Extended the fontname property to now accept vector of paragraph and word numbers


zPowerpoint v1.07
Added an hyperlink property


zPowerpoint v1.06
Fixed a bug in the Title method


zPowerpoint v1.05
Fixed a bug in the Load method (was not creating object)


zPowerpoint v1.04
Added a LoadAndRun method added

zPowerpoint v1.03
Made the where property no longer write-only

zPowerpoint v1.02
Fixed a bug corrected in the Load method