See answers to your questions, below.

All Lescasse Consulting products can be deployed Royalty Free.
You need to purchase one license for each and every developer. Alternatively, if you have a large enough number of developers, you can purchase a Site License.
The DevExpress License enforces that. As a developers ourselves, we are not allowed to distribute products based on DevExpress products to other developers that would allow them to indirectly use the DevExpress products, unless they first purchase a DevExpress WinForms Subscription.

The SpreadsheetGear License enforces that. As developers ourselves, we are not allowed to distribute products based on SpreadsheetGear to other developers that would allow them to indirectly use SpreadsheetGear, unless they first purchase a SpreadsheetGear Subscription.

A product like SSGear is not just a wrapper around the SpreadsheetGear product: with its 27000 lines of C# code it transforms SpreadsheetGear into a product that can be used in an APL way i.e. with properties returning matrices of values for a given range, etc.

Yes. Each product has an uninstaller called uninsXXX.exe (i.e. unins001.exe) that allows to properly uninstall the product.

Each of my product is delivered with a Register{Product}.bat file which contains the command necessary to properly register my product on your customer's machine. All you need is to call this Register{Product}.bat file in your own product Installer.


The RegisterRibbonDX.bat file reads:

rem Be sure to run this batch file as an Administrator!
"%~dp0regasminvoker.exe" -i "%~dp0lc.objects.ribbondx.dll"

Note that it requires RegAsmInvoker.exe which is also delivered with RibbonDX.

If you purchase a Subscription for any of my products, you get the product plus one year free Support. Support includes bug fixes and any enhancement made to the product during the Subscription period. Support ends at the end of the year, but you may renew your Subscription at a reduced price.

Note that we are trying hard to make all the products as perfect as possible.

Yes. We'll not only try to fix any bugs that you may encounter, but will add (reasonably small) enhancements that you request, free of charge.

For larger enhancement requests, we will do them on a Consulting basis.

Yes. This is our business. We have done that for more than 30 years for hundreds of APL customers and have a very large experience in maintaining and extending APL+Win applications of all kinds and all sizes.

We are more precisely specialized in:

  • Building and improving APL (and/or C#) User Interfaces to make them really nice looking
  • Converting parts or all of APL+Win applications to C#
  • Speeding up parts of APL+Win applications
  • Simply fixing bugs and extending APL+Win applications in pure APL
  • Developing brand new APL+Win (or APL+Win+C#) applications

Our Consulting Rates may vary depending on the duration of the mission and sometimes the nature of the mission.

Most often:

Our base rate for short term missions (up to one day work) is: 140€ / hour

Our base rate for medium term missions (up to 5 days work) is: 120€ / hour

Our base rate for long term missions (more than 5 days work) is: 100€ / hour

You can find a live Currency Converter here on this site to convert to your currency.

By Wire Transfer to Lescasse Consulting's account please.

We are based in Europe (France) and the legal money for our accounting is Euros (€)

You can find a live Currency Converter here on this site.

We distribute APL+Win in all countries except USA and Canada. We have customers in France, Austria, Australia, India, Sweden, etc.

Our Consulting customers are mainly in the USA (80%), but also Sweden, Australia, etc.

To make distribution and installation of our products easier, both at our developer's site but also at their own customers site, we embed all the dependent DLLs inside our own product DLLs.

This has a number of advantages among which:

  • distributing only one DLL instead of a much larger number of files
  • simplifying installation of our product
  • simplifying deployment of our products by our customers to their own customers
  • eliminating the risk that a dependent DLL be inadvertendly erased
  • eliminating the risk that a customer (direct or indirect) messes up with versions of dependent DLLs

Lescasse Consulting was founded in May 1997 and has successfully operated ever since.

Prior to Lescasse Consulting we were operating in another company called Uniware founded in 1984 who was doing the same kind of work for the same APL customers.

zObjects is the result of more than 20 years of APL+Win application development for our APL+Win customers. It has been carefully and progressively crafted one application after another.

You can perfectly start using zObjects right away in any existing APL+Win(1) application.

All zObjects have a name starting with a z followed by an uppercase letter (example: zExcel) or by znet for the .Net objects (example: znetNotifyIcon). There will be no conflicts with your own application functions. The zObjects will also be grouped at the end of a )fns command output, thus not mixing your own application functions with the zObjects.

zObjects is delivered as an APL+Win User Command file, so you only need to load into your workspace the few zObjects you plan to use plus the zzInit utility function which initializes the zObjects system.

Virtually all zObjects are self contained APL functions (except for the zz utilities created by zzInit).

To start using zObjects in your own application, just do:

      ]uload zzInit

      ⍝ Then run zzInit:

and then ]uload only the particular zObjects you plan to use in your application.

1 zObjects requires the latest version of APL+Win.

No. You don't even need to download and reinstall anything. You only need to copy the License file we will be providing you with, in the folder where you installed the Trial Version of our product.