PdfViewer v1.18

PdfViewer is a C# ActiveX User Control that you can embed in your APL+Win Forms.

PdfViewer lets you display any PDF local or Web file in your APL+Win applications.

PdfViewer includes a comprehensive API to programmatically customize the PDF display and extract data from the PDF file to APL and/or Excel.


PdfViewer requires:

  • a version of APL+Win at least equal to v15.1+
  • the .Net Framework v4.5.2+


Download a fully functional 30-day Trial:

Download »


PdfViewer can be used interactively or through the PdfViewer ⎕wi API.

  • display the PdfViewer control in your APL+Win Forms or part of a Form (Selector, Frame)
  • open any local or Web PDF document in the control
  • browse the PDF document
  • print the PDF document with lots of print options
  • save the PDF document locally as...
  • show or hide a navigation pane
  • navigate from page to page
  • zoom in or out
  • fit the PDF page into the current window
  • choose among 16 skins
  • open links in the PDF document by clicking them
  • select text in the PDF document and extract it to APL
  • search for a string and highlight the next occurence in the document
  • use search options
  • With the PdfViewer API you can programmatically:
  • • get or set the background color
  • • get or set the background image
  • • get or set the border
  • • get or set the current page number
  • • get or set the default document directory
  • • get or set the document file name
  • • enable or disable the control
  • • get or set whether events fire in APL
  • • get or set the foreground color
  • • know if any text is currently selected in the document
  • • get or set the images DLL containing some ribbon button images
  • • show or hide the ribbon
  • • get or set the message box caption
  • • get or set the navigation pane visibility
  • • get or set the navigation pane initial visibility
  • • get the total number of pages in the document
  • • get the list of available skin styles
  • • get or set the skin style
  • • get the PdfViewer version number
  • • show or hide the control
  • • get or set the zoom factor
  • • get the possible zoom modes
  • • get or set the zoom mode
  • • display the product About box
  • • clear the current selection
  • • close the currently opened document
  • • find the next occurence of a text
  • • find the previous occurrence of a text
  • • find all occurences of a text
  • • extract the complete document text
  • • extract the selected text
  • • hide or show some ribbon buttons
  • • hide or show some ribbon page groups
  • • load a local PDF document
  • • load a Web PDF document
  • • select some text
  • • start a process
  • • all properties and methods documentation accessible through ⎕wi