SQL v4.0.0.4

SQL is a C# ActiveX User Control for using MS Access and MS SQL Server databases in APL+Win applications.

SQL allows to Create, Drop, Modify, Query local and remote SQL Server databases easily and supports Stored Procedures.

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SQL requires:

  • a version of APL+Win at least equal to v15.0
  • the .Net Framework v4.0


Download a fully functional 30-day Trial:

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SQL allows you to programmatically perform the following tasks from APL+Win using ⎕wi:

for Microsoft Access databases:

  • get or set the Connection String
  • get a list of possible connection strings for .MDB and for .ACCDB databases
  • return the name of the currently opened Access database
  • work with older MDB or newer ACCDB Access databases
  • open a local or remote Access database
  • close an Access database
  • compact an Access database
  • list the Tables
  • list the Columns
  • list the Columns for a given Table
  • list the Relations between Tables
  • list the database Primary Keys
  • add a new Table
  • add a new Column to an existing Table
  • add data to a Table
  • update existing data in a table
  • execute an SQL query (ExecQuery)
  • execute an SQL Non Query (ExecNonQuery)
  • drop a Column in an existing Table
  • drop a Table

for Microsoft SQL Server databases:

  • get the list of installed SQL Server instances names
  • get or set the name of the SQL Server instance to use
  • get or set the database connection string
  • return the name of the currently opened database
  • get or set whether errors should be displayed in message boxes
  • get or set whether errors are thrown in APL or just returned as a resul
  • display a connection helper dialog allowing to interactively find the right conenction string and test connections
  • drop an SQL Server database
  • create a local or remote SQL Server database
  • open a database
  • close a database
  • kill all connections to a database
  • add tables to a database
  • add columns to a table
  • add a primary key to a table
  • add a relation between two tables
  • add data to a given table
  • update existing data in a table
  • attach a database
  • detach a database
  • list all SQL Server databases
  • list the tables
  • list the columns
  • list the columns in a given table
  • list the columns descriptions
  • list the existing relations between tables
  • list the tables creation and last update times
  • remove a table relation
  • change a column to become NULLable or not
  • execute queries (ExecQuery)
  • execute non queries (ExecNonQuery)
  • drop a database
  • drop a table
  • drop a column
  • get the name of the database owner
  • get the name of the current database user
  • get whether a given table column is an Identity or not
  • get the next ID for the next record for a given table
  • get the number of records in a table
  • add a Stored Procedure
  • remove a Stored Procedure
  • list all Stored Procedures
  • list all Stored Procedures names
  • execute a Stored Procedure (ExecQuerySP)
  • execute a non query Stored Procedure (ExecNonQuerySP)
  • execute a scalar Stored Procedure (ExecScalarSP)
  • get the code of a given Stored Procedure
  • list a Stored Procedure parameters