PivotChart v2.50

PivotChart is a C# ActiveX User Control that you can embed in your APL+Win Forms.

Its user interface lets you explore and analyze your data by simply dragging and dropping fields in rows and columns to the edges of the pivot grid.

The selected data in the Pivot Grid is automatically displayed in one of the 40 available 2D and 3D charts.


PivotChart requires:

  • a version of APL+Win at least equal to v15.1+
  • the .Net Framework v4.7.2+


Download a fully functional 30-day Trial:

Download »


All the following features are available both interactively simply using the mouse and through the PivotChart ⎕wi API.

  • display the PivotChart control in your APL+Win Forms or part of a Form (Selector, Frame)
  • comes with an APL+Win 15.1 workspace with 10 sample functions showing how to use the PivotChart control
  • comes with sample data to experiment with
  • includes a Getting Started with PivotChart Word documentation
  • easily pass your APL data to the control using the PivotChart Populate method
  • drag and drop fields to rows, columns or to the grid
  • multi-level row and/or column hierarchy
  • display live charts automatically corresponding to the selected data in the grid
  • display or hide the toolbar
  • display or hide point labels
  • compute grid cells as Average, Count, Max, Min, Standard Deviation, Sum or Variance
  • choose display type of: values, absolute variation, index, % of column, % of column grand total, % of grand total, etc.
  • choose the number of decimals to display
  • choose among 40 different 2D and 3D charts
  • display the grid maximized with no chart
  • display the chart maximized with no grid
  • display the chart below the grid or to the right of the grid
  • use a splitter to change the grid and chart panes dimensions
  • change the chart orientation from vertical to horizontal and vice versa
  • show or hide the chart legend
  • change the legend position all around and inside the chart
  • show or hide series labels
  • show or hide series points markers
  • copy selected cells to the clipboard
  • create an Excel sheet with the whole pivot grid
  • use one of the 24 available skins to improve the control look and feel
  • export the pivot grid with preview
  • export the pivot grid chart with preview
  • export the pivot grid and chart with preview
  • export the pivot grid to a CSV file
  • export the pivot grid to a Text file
  • export the pivot grid chart to BMP, EMG, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF or WMF file
  • export the grid, chart or both to HTML
  • export the grid, chart or both to MHT
  • export the grid, chart or both to PDF
  • export the grid, chart or both to RTF
  • export the grid, chart or both to Excel XLS or XLSX